You - so, factory? Or Person

Школьная страна аватар

You - so, factory? Or Person -

The festival is the patriotic action directed on education of children in the spirit of love to Fatherland.

What is game - No.

Festival of school mass media and creative collectives "I sing my Fatherland! " - Vserosiysky action of spent 6 years in Russia.

He was supported by over 60 regions, Administrations of the cities and the regions of Russia. Festival movement was adjoined by the friendly countries Belarus, Armenia, Azeybardzhan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and many others.

To love the Homeland is a privilege of the Person.

And the Homeland, is the Native home, fields, mountains, the rivers and lakes, it is Mother the earth.

That who doesn't love the Homeland, has no Fatherland - that can't call itself(himself) the Person.

So, factory on processing of useful products in fertilizer, a humus.





"Язык наш превосходен, богат, громок, силён, глубокомыслен. Надлежит только познать цену ему, вникнуть в состав и силу слов, и тогда удостоверимся, что не его другие языки, но он их просвещать может".

Александр Семёнович ШИШКОВ